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Fabrics - Sunsilk


Self-cleaning awning fabrics made of swelaź sunsilk SNC.

For no extra cost we offer the newly developed awning fabric swela SNC (swela nano clean), which is permanently dirt and water-repellent. Due to its self-cleaning property the highly dirt repellent finish of the fabric ensures long lasting radiant colours.

The new era of technologically advanced fabrics:

  • tear-resistant polyester fabric with radiant colours

  • made of silky high-tech fibres

  • maximum UV-, weather- and light fastness

  • extremely dirt, grease, oil and water repellent due to the SNC (swela nano clean*) finish

Ultrasonic Bonding

Due to the increase in motorisation of awnings and solar shading units, the stress placed on fabrics has increased. This can lead to a significant impairment of awning canvases over time

By virtue of a new high-compression technology our awning covers can now be fitted with a much thinner overlap bond, which is far more robust than the conventional method of stitching canvases.

Value adding affects of the new adhesive technology:

  • High-compression overlap bond

  • Inured to heat and cold, water resistant and UV-stable under normal circumstances

  • Higher durability through plain cover surface

  • No premature aging through UV-radiation or environ-mental influences at the most sensitive part of the cover - the thread

  • Improved, homogeneous appearance without bother some threads

  • Optimised dispersion of forces through holohedral overlap bond

  • No fraying of threads through roller support

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