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Extras - Sun & Wind


Sensor for Dynamic Wind Loads

A vibration and inertia sensor based on RTS technology for the wireless communication of wind signals.

Battery powered and therefore independent of the mains supply. Should be fitted to either the inside or the outside of the front profile. No wiring is necessary.

Nine sensitivity levels can be selected.

Compatible with all RTS radio-controlled receivers that can pick up wind signals.

Sunis - solar cell operated light sensor

The sensor Sunis RTS will protect you from the sun & is flexible enough to be fitted to any facade. It sends extension & retraction signals to any awning fitted with a radio controlled motor without needing to be wired to the mains supply. It draws its power from the sun via a built in solar cell. If the awning is also to be protected against damage through excessive wind, it will be necessary to fit the Vibrabox as well.

The Intelligent Weather Sensor

You can lean back - your awning reacts to any changes in the weather. The automatic sensor will send the awning out when the sun shines & retract it if the wind picks up too much. A practical aid which prevents the inside of the premises from heating up to much & protects your contents from fading.

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