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Extras - Duna Azir Seating

Duna Azir Seating

A different kind of sitting.

We sit for much of the day. Sometimes on hardsurfaces, sometimes on soft surfaces, and often uncomfortably.

Yet if we are going to sit for long periods of time then we should at least do it as comfortably and as ergonomically as possible.

In order to design a range of comfortable furniture markilux examined, in great depth, sitting and seating traditions. The creative team Duna Azir, lead by designer Annette Busch, examined the seating traditions of a number of different cultures from across the world.

The result of this research is the markilux relaxseat, with its ergonomic L-shape, for inside and outside.

markilux relax indoor

The indoor collection contains a range of high quality upholstery fabrics manufactured by the Schmitz-Werke. The fabrics come in a wide range of colours and have a high weight per square meter and excellent abrasion resistance qualities.

Duna Azir Seating

The indoor range is suited for internal use only.

markilux relax outdoor

The markilux outdoor relax seat fulfils the highest quality standards for use on patios and balconies or in conservatories. The fabrics from the outdoor collection are lightfast and weatherproof, but not Waterproof.

markilux relax outdoor+

The outdoor+ collection contains a range of premiumquality technical textiles manufactured by the Schmitz-Werke. The fabrics are highly durable and are coated to make them highly water-repellent. Accordingly, the robust outdoor+ relax seat is perfect for all external applications

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