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Fabrics - Sunbrella


The leader in quality

and innovation,

decade after decade.

For over 50 years, Sunbrella® has been the leader in performance fabrics.

And there's good reason people look to Sunbrella first for their fabric
needs. No one else brings so much under one revolutionary, stylish brand.

No other resource is more committed to leading the performance
fabric industry with innovations that fit today's lifestyles. With
enhanced quality, additional colours and sophisticated styles, the next
generation of Sunbrella offers more possibilities than ever.



Enduring Colour

Sunbrella colours stay strong and vibrant, even through
intense sunlight exposure and cleaning with bleach.

Sumptuous Hand

Sunbrella fabrics are as soft and inviting as they are durable.

Dramatic Effects

Sunbrella awning fabrics are available in 78 solids,
tripes and exquisite decorative jacquards.

Worry Free

Sunbrella fabrics resist stains and fading, so you can
stop worrying about your fabric and enjoy life.

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