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Conservatory Awnings

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Sunlight all year round is the most important factor that turns an enjoyable room into a favourite one.

Conservatory Awnings

The classic conservatory, the glass covered veranda, loggia, or pergola: Castle Blinds & Awnings’ range of conservatory awnings regulate the light influx that brightens your winter & cools your summer.

Whether the area of glass is large or small, whether the roof is hipped or asymmetrical - the versatility & legendary quality of the Castle Blinds & Awnings range of products are evident in the case of conservatory awnings as well.

Castle Blinds & Awnings’ conservatory awnings can be operated manually or by motorisation. With our extra’s you can add sun & wind sensors too.

Conservatory Awnings

With over 200 brightly coloured fabrics, acrylic or sunsilk snc - no matter which you prefer: the choice is yours.

So that you can enjoy the use of your conservatory awning without a worry all of Castle Blinds & Awnings’ awnings have been tested in line with European Standard EN 13561 at wind speeds up to beaufort 5 (some models & sizes up to wind resistance class 3, corresponds to beaufort 6). The CE mark confirms the achievement of this safety & quality standard.

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